Every woman
needs this book

This is masterful. I’ve done the branding process,
but this takes things to a depth that I haven’t
gone to before. This journal leads you on a
beautiful exploration to your deepest truths.
I thought I had an idea of what this book would
do for me, but I had no idea how much MORE
it would do than I anticipated
Each page’s richness guides you to look inside and
bring out the best for you, your world and
your business.
[Rachel] has created a journal that helps the
entrepreneur uncover the ideal client, rebrand
authentically, and create a business that
aligns with her soul.
[This journal is artful and image rich. Full of
elegance and timeless class. An invitation for
personal intimacy with your hearts desires and
wishes for your business from the inside out.
[The journal] gently guides you to reconnect with
yourself and use that to make decisions that
are true to you and your dreams/passions/goals.
-amazon customer

[re]Discover Yourself [re]Define Your Brand


for every woman business owner who has evolved since starting her company and is struggling to communicate the essence of her brand

Especially for women,

it’s important that our business reflects the energy of who we are.


I’ve worked from home for well over a decade. I have managed raising kids while growing a business. I’ve had a home office in my bedroom, living room, basement, in an actual dedicated room of its own, and also in a space outside my home (like, a “real” office). I’ve worked endless hours and have tried to find the home/work balance that works for me and our family. Sometimes that meant waking up early to get a few things in before the kids got out of bed, but mostly that backfired and no matter how early I woke, the kids were shortly behind me. For many years, I’d spend my evenings working until 3 or 4 am, catch a couple hours of sleep and wake up to start all over again. But why?

I've never fully admitted this, but reflecting back
now it's so crystal clear to me that in becoming a mother,

I allowed myself to lose myself.

I lived each day for someone else. Around someone else’s needs, desires, and eventually my desires for them. I poured every minute of my life into someone else’s existence and positioning them to thrive. It didn’t occur to me at the time that this didn’t need to be an “either/or” choice. The wellbeing of my children didn’t mean that my own had to be sacrificed. Doing whatever I could for my children to thrive in life didn’t require that I abandon doing that for myself. I think the same thing can happen in relationships.

We forget that there is room for everyone at our table.

including, and most importantly,


What I also didn’t realize at the time was that my work – this business that I started – was actually a form of self-expression for me.

This was the one area of my life that I could do something that i loved, and that felt like

a part of me - unattached.

Sort of a selfish act that felt acceptable as selfless because it was classified as “work.” There have been so many times I remember feeling envy toward others in my life because they “got” to go to work. That’s the internal language I used around the situation. To me, work was the place I wished I could be. And I think that’s because of the joy I felt in connecting to the real me through my work.


There are so many stories

we tell ourselves as to why we start a business.

To contribute financially to our families, for the flexibility, to serve others, to make a difference through sharing our gifts, to set an example for our children or leave a legacy for our families. And while all of these beautiful reasons can be true, the reality is that we’re longing to make our mark and be fully expressed as an individual, and a woman.

I’ve watched and witnessed the personal growth and evolution of so many women cause shifts and pivots in their businesses.

And it's because for us, business is


Our work is a reflection of ourselves and how we want to show up in the world.

For us female entrepreneurs with a greater mission to positively impact the world, it’s so important that our brand not only speaks to those who need to hear our message, but also

represents who we are


[re]Discover Yourself [re]Define Your Brand lovingly guides you to [re]create a brand that fully reflects the work that you do in a way that completely aligns with your own values and personality.

Working through each page, you’ll feel a boost of confidence and a gentle nudge of encouragement having a clear and definitive direction. It will leave you feeling as if you’ve looked into a mirror, and realized for the very first time just how truly compelling you are.

Take a Look Inside

“You, the mission-driven entrepreneur, are here to shine.

In order to do so, you need to stop hiding behind your business, and to bring the soul and essence of who YOU are into your brand. 

Rachel Dunham’s (re) Discover Yourself, (re) Define Your Brand Journal will empower you to do just that. She expertly walks you through the process of bringing your authentic voice and essence to your brand so you can attract your ideal client, grow a thriving business and transform lives. I’ve been working with Rachel for twelve years and refer all of my clients to her. She’s a rockstar at soulful branding.”

-Visibility Catalyst and
Bestselling Publisher Linda Joy

The word “brand” can sound cold and corporate, but, in this gorgeous journal – and in all of the work she does – 

Rachel makes it warm, feminine, & accessible.

She gets us women who want to do meaningful work and holds our hands as we upgrade the image we put out into the world.

-Alyson Stanfield,
Art Biz Success

Women entrepreneurs are changing the world through their businesses. And it’s imperative that we have the tools to keep going. This journal is one of those tools.

When we understand ourselves better, we gain the clarity and confidence needed to communicate our message in a more impactful way.

A way that resonates on an energetic


I’ve spent the last decade collaborating with and building brands for some of the top transformational, multi-million dollar leaders in the coaching and healing industries.

I’ve spent the last decade collaborating with and building brands for some of the top transformational, multi-million dollar leaders in the coaching and healing industries.

And in doing so, I’ve discovered that impact is achieved by creating a powerful personal brand within your business. It’s what’s inside of you that’s the attraction. Yes, quality of work and results matter. But beyond qualifications, people are most drawn to your inner radiance. And though many of us are becoming much better at trusting our intuition, the majority of decisions are made based on perceptions. When your brand reflects your inner beauty, you’re able to connect with others quicker and more authentically. Which in turn results in a greater ripple-effect. Because at the end of the day people don’t simply buy from you because of what you do or why you do it. They buy because of who you are.

Discover who you truly are

The journal is a perfect companion to any coaching program. If you’re a coach or business owner who thinks your clients will benefit from the journal, we would love to collaborate and offer you wholesale pricing or gifting options. For more information,

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